$42,000 GIVE AWAY $42,000 GIVE AWAY Deposit Bonus Campaign Deposit Bonus Campaign The more you deposit, the Higher the Bonus Rate! The more you deposit, the Higher the Bonus Rate!

The biggest bonus amount ever! Bonus up to $8,000 to give away

The biggest bonus amount ever! Bonus up to $8,000 to give away

  • The More You Deposit,
    the Higher the Bonus Rate!

    You may receive up to $42,000 bonus in total,
    which can be used as credits on trading.

11thANNIVERSARY Deposit Bonus Campaign 11thANNIVERSARY Deposit Bonus Campaign

Deposit Bonus Tableh2 Deposit Bonus Tableh2

For Deposit To Deluxe Account
(with Coupons)

Bonus Credit
Over $4,000 50% $2,000 ~
Up to $6,000
$3,000 ~ $3,999 40% $1,200 ~ $1,599
$2,000 ~ $2,999 25% $500 ~ $749
$1,000 ~ $1,999 20% $200 ~ $399
$300 ~ $999 10% $30 ~ $99
$0 ~ $299 0% $0

Deposit Bonus Calculator Deposit Bonus Calculator

It is a tool to calculating
how much Deposit Bonus you can get when using Coupons.

Estimated Amount
of Deposit Bonus




1.The calculation result depends on your deposit amount for the first time, instead of the accumulated amount of your multiple deposits. 2.The bonus calculation is based on the real time exchange rate, which might be different from the rate when the bonus credit to your trading account. 3.The total amount of the bonus credit and 10% additional bonus credit, respectively from the on-going deposit bonus campaign and the BBC deposit, will be displayed if you choose BBC as your deposit currency.

Terms and Conditions of Campaign

Campaign Period:
June 17 - July 31, 2024
Please read the following terms & conditions carefully before joining the campaign.

Deposit Bonus Carnival Details

  • Using the "Deposit Bonus Coupon" to deposit will receive a bonus worth up to $42,000.
  • ONE deposit bonus coupon will be distributed to all BigBoss users at the start of the campaign and thereafter 1,000 customers will be selected in weekly lucky draws.

*If you are new users opening an account after the campaign starts, the first deposit bonus coupon will be distributed within 0 to 1 business day.

*The weekly lucky draws are open to users who trade 5 lots or more during the campaign period.

*$42,000 is the maximum bonus amount that can be granted when the users who win the lucky draw 6 times and use a total of 7 coupons including the first coupon.

*All coupons expire on 7 August 2024 at 23:59 (UK Time).

*Each coupon can be used once only.

Bonus Credit Details

  • The deposit bonus is distributed as credit which can only be used on transactions on MT5/MT4.
  • The bonus credits are distributed to Deluxe accounts only.
  • The bonus credit will be reflected in your account within one working day after the deposit.
*All other account types including Standard, Pro Spread, MASS Standard and CRYPTOS accounts are NOT eligible.

*Deposit bonus coupons cannot be used in conjunction with the 100% Deposit Bonus Program. Only the bonus from this campaign will be distributed when you deposit with a coupon.

Bonus Distribution Conditions

  • Only deposits to Deluxe account will be eligible for the bonus.
  • To receive the bonus, please activate the bonus coupon (click "Use") on the "Gifts" page of "My Page" and deposit the bonus amount ( $300 or more) to your Deluxe account.
  • Once you have used the deposit bonus coupon and received the bonus, the coupon will be considered as “used”. No bonus will be distributed for used coupons. Also, it is possible to cancel the use of a coupon from "My Page" before it becomes “used”.
  • During the campaign period, users who have deposited into their deluxe accounts using the coupon and traded at least 5 lots in the same account are eligible to a weekly lucky draw in which 1,000 winners will be drawn at random, and winners will be granted an additional deposit bonus coupon. The winner once selected will also be included in the weekly lucky draw.
  • Deposit bonus coupons become invalid after the expiration date. Please be sure to use the coupons before they expire.

*Deposits made prior to coupon activation (click the "Use" button) will not be eligible for the bonus.

*"5 lots " is the total lot number of orders settled during the campaign period. If the total number of lots in your "Closed orders" during the campaign period is reached, you will be eligible for the weekly lucky draw, and the higher your trading volume, the higher your chances of winning in the drawing. "Unsettled orders" are not included in the total lot size.

*Deluxe accounts using certain cash-back services are not entitled to the bonus even if a deposit is made using the coupon.

*Please note that the act of signing up for multiple accounts with different email addresses is considered an abuse of the campaign regulations. Your account will be frozen if such action is found.

Bonus Calculation

Bonus distributed in this campaign is calculated as below.

*The maximum bonus amount for the additional deposit bonus coupon is also $6,000, and the same calculation applies to the first deposit that used coupon.

*Please note that the bonus calculation is based on the amount of deposit in USD. The bonus amount may vary according to the actual USD exchange rate at the time of deposit.

Bonus Rate for Deposit into Deluxe Accounts (with Coupons)

Deposit Amount Bonus Rate Bonus Credit Amount
Over $4,000 50% $2,000~
Up to $6,000
40% $1,200~
25% $500~
20% $200~
10% $30~
0% $0

*The above deposit amount is the deposit amount at one time and is not cumulative.
*Please refer to the Deposit Bonus Calculator on the campaign page.

Bonus Credits Cancellation

  • All bonus credits will be cancelled if you make a withdrawal from any of your trading accounts during the campaign period.
    However, after withdrawal, if you deposit again into any eligible Deluxe accounts with a coupon during the campaign period, you will be eligible for the deposit bonus, and bonus will be granted.
  • If you make a fund transfer, all bonus credits in the transferor account will be canceled. Bonus credits cannot be transferred to another account.
  • Once you become an inactive user, bonus credits in all your accounts will be forfeited. Bonus credits will also be cancelled if the accounts are terminated.
  • If your Loyalty Status is downgraded, all bonus credits in your account will be cancelled.
  • All bonus credits in your account will be cancelled if any illegal transaction is found.

Negative Balance and Replenishment

Zero-cut system on an account-by-account basis is applied on Deluxe accounts.
Also, there is no margin call in Deluxe accounts, please pay attention to the margin level.

Please refer to the below URL for details.

Risk Disclosure

Forex and CFD trading involve significant risk to your invested capital. Before you start trading, please read and fully understand the risk involved through our Financial Service Guide (FSG). You may download a copy of the Financial Service Guide from the BigBoss Homepage. Prime Point LLC. is a regulated company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, registration no.: 380 LLC 2020. We do not provide services for residents of certain regions, such as the United States of America and Iran. Furthermore, under the IBC regulations, we do not provide services to residents of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


BigBoss does not get involved in customers’ trade specifics, and we are not responsible for any special, indirect, accidental, or consequential loss, resulting in a loss of funds arising from the information on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

$42,000 GIVE AWAY $42,000 GIVE AWAY Deposit Bonus Campaign Deposit Bonus Campaign The more you deposit, the Higher the Bonus Rate! The more you deposit, the Higher the Bonus Rate!
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