About BBC deposit 10% bonus

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BBC deposit always can
get 10% credit bonus!

Customer who hold BBC on BigBoss cryptocurrency exchange platform "CRYPTOS",
can receive 10% credit bonus of the deposit amount if you deposit into FX account with BBC.


BigBoss Coin (BBC) is a token issued by BigBoss, a platform providing a range of services, with the forex platform being the flagship service.

BBC can be bought and sold on BigBoss cryptocurrency exchange platform “CRYPTOS”.

Please refer to “ABOUT BBC” for more details of BigBoss Coin (BBC).

POINTConditions For BBC Deposit Bonus

The maximum BBC deposit to a BigBoss FX account is 10,000 BBC per transaction.

The credit bonus that can be received when depositing with BBC is up to $5,000 per month.

For users holding more than one valid account, their total BBC deposit amount is calculated by adding up the sum of the deposits in all relevant accounts.

The exchange rate as at the completion of the deposit is applicable, and not an application for deposit. Please refer to MyPage for details.


*When the amount of credit bonus received via BBC deposit to the BigBoss FX account has been reached to $5,000 per month, credit bonus will not be occurred by subsequent BBC deposit within the same month.

*Please note that this does not apply to accounts using cash-back services or accounts opened through certain referrals.

*Please be careful that users will be subjected to the cancellation of bonuses and account freezes if the same person is found that they received bonuses by opening multiple accounts using different e-mail addresses.

■ Forfeit of Bonus Credit

Please note that there will be a cancellation of all the bonuses during the bonus campaign period if there is any withdrawal from one of the client’s trading account(s) during the bonus campaign period.
However, if there is subsequent BBC deposits during the period of bonus campaign, you can receive 10% credit bonus against the BBC deposit amount.

There will be a cancellation of bonus credit if there is a transfer from a trading account, while the forfeited bonus credit will not be redistributed to the transferred-in trading account.

Once you become an inactive user, the Credit bonus will be invalidated from all accounts held, if an account has been terminated, Credit bonus from that account will also be cancelled. Please refer to Inactive User / Account Termination for details.

All bonuses in your account will be forfeited if any unfair translation was found.

■ About the Negative Balance and the Credit Offsetting

If the below conditions are all met:

Negative balance in the account

Bonus credit is available in the account

No any latent profits in the unclosed position(s)

Account has no particular problem with trading
The negative balance will be adjusted to zero by offsetting the bonus credit.
The negative balance will be reset to zero if it’s greater than the remaining bonus credit amount.