Introducing Broker (IB)

BigBoss Introducing Broker System

With every 1 lot, you will be up to $12

no upper limit on remuneration

Enhanced service content

Extremely tight spread
Immediate deposit/withdraw
Leverage 2222:1
No additional cover
On-time payment

Introducing Broker System(IB)

Introducing Broker System

Our IB System, which lets you introduce new customers, and get remuneration regarding the trading volume of your customer.
We provide top class remuneration.

About IB system

IB system, also known as Introducing Broker System, which is a system when you introduce your customer to BigBoss, you will get compensation regarding the trading volume of your customer. We partner with Personal or Corporation IB.

About compensation

We import a two-step system for our IB system. IB can let the third party do the introducing work for them and work as an associate part in the system. IB can receive rebate compensation from the trade made by the customers, who were introduced by the third party.


No matter a broker or a trader, they need IB

Just like we need as many traders as we require, Traders also desire special offers.

You, as a connection between BigBoss and Trader, will benefits all three parties.


Lifetime commission

It is a compensation type that allows you to have continuous compensation from trading deals.

You will receive compensation as long as your customers keep trading.

Every 1 lot
(passing 100,000 JPY)
gets up to $12

Highest rebate remuneration in the industry.

Payment cycle
once a day

Next day payment of rebate remuneration of the day before.

the 2-step system

Higher chances of getting remuneration using this system.

Well developed
exclusive support service
for our IB partner

Prompt correspondence with multi-language