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Once an account is set up, the customer will be invited to provide personal data to BigBoss for examination.
Based on the rules of money laundering and terrorism, we may request additional personal data.

For personal data management, we accommodate clear as well as the latest individual data privacy policy. It includes but not limited to, managing personal information, collection method, and purpose, as well as data access and amendments.
Furthermore, for complaints and overseas customers, personal information may be disclosed. (If applicable. E.g., Country name.)

We collect personal information through the legal and fair approach.
If a customer refuses to hand in said information, we will not provide our service.

This website uses Cookies, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for the purpose of analysis and service improvement. Collected data are anonymous and used for Cookies without identifiable personal information included. Those collected data may be used to know how the website has been used and to improve the experience of using the website.

By using this website, the users of this website are deemed to permit our company, Google and Facebook for data processing and the use of Cookies with the above mentioned methods and purpose.
*Notice: Cookies can be rejected by users’ operation on their browsers, in which case some functions of this website may be out of service.

How Google collects access information and how to use those data are stipulated by Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy & Terms.

For the details of Facebook’s data collection and how they use those data, please refer to Facebook Data Policy.

The above process will not identify any individual users.

All personal information is secured.
We will only be using your personal information to guide you to re-activate your account under legal regulations.

Purpose of collecting personal information is to provide financial service. BigBoss will not disclose or share customer information (dealing processing or otherwise) to unaffiliated third-party organizations.

In some instances, we may disclose personal information for secondary purposes.

Personal Information Disclosure
A third-party service provider, agency, or contract company provides management as well as other support to our company.
To smoothen dealing processes, support service, and transaction processes, we will disclose personal information with third-party mentioned above.
Above parties are obligated to keep their information confidential.
We will only disclose personal information to concerned parties whenever customer participates in events or use of our service.
We venture to protect personal information/privacy.

All the parties who can access personal data will follow our company privacy policy when providing the requested information from the government or any public organizations.

Please be noted that there will be potential risks when contacting us via the internet. We cannot guarantee the safety of data transfer.

We assume that customers have consented when using our website and our service.
It is not our intention to exclude the possibility of unexpected use of customer information in the current personal information privacy policy.
We will amend any change of information on our website in the future.